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July 17, 2011
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Cloud Strife: Fullbody by HaouJudai Cloud Strife: Fullbody by HaouJudai
This is the finished pic now and I am really proud. I canīt believe I actually was able to make a fullbody pic of my fav Final Fantasy Character Cloud <3 Ou Cloud, this picture is only for you XD (=I adore him XD)

The outlines where pretty difficult, but I changed it over and over and now I am satisfied XD

I wasnīt sure if I should finish it, so I started with the face (Because this is freaking difficult DX) and coloured it light with the pencil, bluring them with my finger so the face will look smother. Then I started to make the outlines of the eyes darker, and then started with the nose. (Oh I was about to give up right there XD)

I started to make some shading, always bluring them with my finger (Well sombody told me not to use the finger but I canīt stop XD It will look so ugly XD)

When I finished the face I started with the hair. I always love this part very much. I was pressing the pencil a little bit harder when I made the dark spots in the hair.

The rest of it was pretty easy, but it took me forever...
I really canīt draw guns!! XD Sorry for that.

Please ignore this stupid line in the picture. I had to scan it twice. My scanner made this ugly thingis in the picture >.> I have to fix that >.>

Well I hope you like this picture. If ya have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Any suggestions for my next pic? Feel free to give suggestions!
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this deserves more likes and favs you have talent and it should be recognised :)


An artist without inspiration
Thats very nice of you, thank you very much.I am really glad you like my art <3 Thank you!
Fischle Jul 21, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Muha ist das krass :wow:
Ich will das auch können :3
Bringst du es mir bei :?
Fischle Jul 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Na vllt kannst du nicht mehr als ich, aber du kannst etwas was ich noch nicht kann ^^
Ehh? O__o Ich dir was beibringen? XD Moah das bezweifle ich mehr kann als du bereits kannst xD...

Und Dankeschön :D
Ich find's nach wie vor unglaublich. Hast du toll gemacht :D
LazySpiderpig Jul 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
It looks great :D I love it c: Itīs amazing how real it looks although itīs not a digital drawing!
Thank you very much. I am glad you like it ^_^ I really did my best onto it.
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